The untourist guide – new photobook

Our first photobook is published. Until today it was our (LE4EL) biggest photo project. During 1 year we took pictures from 12 randomly selected coordinates in Munich. Each month we visited the „unknown“ places and explored it with our own perspective and equipment. Now we pulled all pictures together and created our first photobook.


It was a great experience, lot of fun and also a bit competition who would come back with the most impressive pictures and with an own story about those places.


The February coordinate: Feldmoching – In the northern part of Munich

The project will be expanded soon. On the streetlife festival we will start a project called „hack your view“ – and will invite 500 volunteers to explore other randomly selected coordinates in Munich. We will have a booth at the streetlife festival and exhibit our porject results and the new photobook. Mark your calendar and visit us!!

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